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Главная » 2014 » Май » 21 » Titanfall - network sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of a simulator fur
Titanfall - network sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of a simulator fur

[URL=http://xlplay.ru/games/klientskie-igry/1-klientskie-igry/136-titanfall-setevoj-nauchno-fantasticheskij-shuter-ot-pervogo-l - network sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of fur simulator , developed by the American company Respawn Entertainment ( [URL=http://xlplay.ru/games/klientskie-igry/1-klientskie-igry/136-titanfall-setevoj-nauchno-fantasticheskij-shuter-ot-pervogo-l version for the Xbox 360 developed by studio Bluepoint Games, negotiations with the studio Aspyr Media about the possibility of creating a version of the game for Mac OS X).
Players will play for special soldiers - " Pilot " , which can cause a large robot called " Titan ." Playing for the pilot, you can use to help your jetpack to perform tricks , such as long running along the wall or double jump .

In addition to the players on the map unfolding battle between robots and control them soldiers who arrive in the heat of battle on the amphibious transport ships or capsules. From the outset, there is a fight between the pilots only . Players after reports that titanium is ready , can lose it, but will have to wait before they " built " . Training time is reduced if the pilot is killing enemy pilots or Titans . The Titans have a very strong armor and powerful equipment , but the robot can destroy even one soldier , using stealth and secrecy . To quickly kill titanium enough to jump on him from behind and shot his main unit to avoid this, you need to sit and one soldier guarding the rear of the robot and its main unit from danger. Players , managers titanium, it can self-destruct when it receives too much damage to be saved at the same time and kill those who are close to titanium, if you choose a special ability .

Pilots also have a nice outfit from a simple machine to a powerful rocket launcher . The game can improve equipment as pilots and the Titans . Development [URL=http://xlplay.ru/games/klientskie-igry/1-klientskie-igry/136-titanfall-setevoj-nauchno-fantasticheskij-shuter-ot-pervogo-l June 6, 2013 studio Respawn Entertainment told the magazine «Game Informer» on his debut project called «[URL=http://xlplay.ru/games/klientskie-igry/1-klientskie-igry/136-titanfall-setevoj-nauchno-fantasticheskij-shuter-ot-pervogo-l». It was learned that the game is a first-person shooter , designed for network battles with up to 12 players . An important component of gameplay called "Titans" - huge walking fighting robots, which the player can control . Also announced the platform on which the game will be released : PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

[b] Screenshots from the game [URL=http://xlplay.ru/games/klientskie-igry/1-klientskie-igry/136-titanfall-setevoj-nauchno-fantasticheskij-shuter-ot-pervogo-l [/ b]

Titanfall - network sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of a simulator fur
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